The Time Cube. This

The Time Cube. This is some kinda theory about something, but it's mostly a fairly entertaining schizoid rant about MIT, with strange dovetails (loontails?) into theology, crypto-anti-Semitism, and high weirdness.

Just as Word viruses are destructive in human
made computers, there is a deadly Word virus
spreading within the English Language. Unless
isolated and eradicated by your knowledge of
Nature's Harmonic Time Cube, the deadly Word
virus will inflict total self-destruction upon all humanity.Your ignorance of Time Cube is evil.

Time Cube is above academic comprehension.
Universities equate doomed Towers of Babble.
Time Cube debate will expose academic scams,
so academia must "ignore" debate at all costs.
Students denied the right to debate Time Cube.
Educators are evil to deny Time Cube debate.
Academic ignoring of Time Cube equates evil.
Word worship educators beget stupid students.
Students are brainwashed and do not know it.
Students are taught to be stupid and don't care.
Word is the most effective tool of enslavement.
Stupid students believe any crap they're taught.
Stupid students unable to evaluate Time Cube.
Students ignore Time Cube, attack messenger.



(Thanks, Mark !)