The Internet was made for cussin'

Glorious Usenet profanity:

So, I have the fucking bitch job of fuck. I forgot to tell that. And I
can't get any other job, because I am on the Enemies List. And also,
that job makes my head bees get angry almost every day. And. BORING.
All the time. As boring as a stupid guy who is a different kind of
stupid from what you are.

And today, I am wearing these different shoes that I don't wear very
much, but they cost me $5, so I figured I'd better wear them
sometimes, but then they are not my regular shoes, so I am all feeling
like a movie star wearing them, like Ernest Borgnine or something in
my dumb fucking shoes, and then I have to wear the dumbass holder
thing with my dumbass picture on it, in case I ever forget for a
minute that I am just a big dumb bag of meat, I can look and find out
all about it all over again.



(via Robot Wisdom)