18 hours of 64 World's Fair audio!

18 hours of amateur recordings of the 1964 NY World's Fair as MP3 on a CD for $17.50!

In my many trips to the Worlds Fair, I taped nearly every major attraction with a professional reel-to-reel tape recorder. Today, the original quality of these tapes remains and now my many hours of New York World's Fair audio preservation is available on one CD-ROM, "VAULT II"…

Opening Narrative By Ray Dashner, PepsiCola (UNICEF), General Electric, Tower Of Light, Africa Pavilion, United States Pavilion, Illinois, Montana, Barker (Les Poupees de Paris), GM (Futurama II), New York State (Theaterama), Fourth of July 1965 Fireworks & Patriotic Program, DuPont, Bell System, Equitable Life, Mexico, IBM, Spanish Pavilion, Belgian Village (Les Gilles de Belgique), Vatican Pavilion (Chapel and Arrival of Pope Paul VI), Ford (Magic Skyway), Chrysler (Show-Go-Round), the voices of Robert Moses, Guy Lombardo, Jayne Mansfield, and Sammy Davis, Jr., Travelers Insurance (Triumph of Man), Exit Music (GE Theme), Lowell Thomas (World's Fair Report), New York World's Fair Entertainment Spectacular, A Ballad For The Fair, Dupont Jingles, Fireside Chat, Albert Fisher Radio Spots, dozens of interviews, and Robert Moses Documentary By Cleveland Rogers,

The events of the final day of the N.Y. World's Fair (Oct. 17, 1965) is also included. Hear Florida, Hawaii, American Express, Johnson Wax (To Be Alive), Polynesia, Sweden, LIRR, Hall of Science, Cities Service Band of America, CINERAMA (To the Moon and Beyond), Better Living Pavilion, Kodak's "The Searching Eye", Les Poupees de Paris, World's Fair Suite, Bells in Toyland with John Klein at the carillon (Winamp MP3 Player Software is included), and much more.



(Thanks, Jon!)