Eagle Scout to be booted for athiesm

A 19-year-old Eagle Scout with 37 merit badges has been ordered to renounce athiesm or face expulsion from the Scouts. He didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.

He doesn't believe in smoking or taking illegal drugs. His mom offered to take him out for a drink when he turns 21. But he doesn't believe in drinking alcohol…

And he doesn't believe in God — not since the ninth grade. And even before then he was unsure.

His mom, who is Scoutmaster, and his dad stood by his side. He told the parents that the troop could watch him get kicked out, which he said he would regret because "I couldn't teach merit badges, which is something I absolutely love to do." Or, he said, they could stand up to the Boy Scout Council and say, "It's wrong."

But, he told them, the troop's charter could be at stake…

One parent said, "He's willing to take care of our boys, our land, he goes and rescues our people. What more could the Boy Scouts want."