1.4 million beetles tile palace ceiling

An avant-garde Flemish artist has redecorated a palace in Brussels by gluing 1.4*10^6 jewel beetles to the ceiling of the great dome.

The beetles were culled for Fabre by a team of entomologists who scoured the restaurants of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand where the creatures are regarded as a delicacy…

Birds' wings, giraffes' legs and salamanders' eyes can all be discerned in the creation as can the letter 'P' for Queen Paola who succumbed to years of lobbying and gave Fabre carte blanche .

"It looks like a kind of greenish, bluish, violet, yellow golden sea of light that moves around constantly, creating drawings using the light," Fabre, 44, told the Guardian yesterday.

"It will never go away, the colour will never fade and it will stay there for hundreds of years. I am quite satisfied."



(Thanks, Charlie!)