Disemvowelment: anti-troll-countermeasure

Teresa's been dealing with a message-board troll in a new and highly amusing fashion: she lets his posts stand, but removes all the vowels:

h! Y trn m n whn y tlk drty lk tht Trs bby!

Bt, srsly flks, nd t tk th hgh rd (rmmbr ths nw: gt bnnd fr llgdly cllng smbdy stpd (whch knd ddn't sy ths mkng m qstn hs llgd dtng prwss…)pls cntrst nd cmpr wht sd, sn t b pstd vr t nn Rmblngs whn gt spr mnt, t Ms. Trshy Mth vr hr. Jss.

nd yh. 'll tk n ll thr r fr f yr rdrs. fr llsn Wbdrlnd nd Wrblggr Wtch ths wll b n msng Dy t th Bch…



(via Making Light)