Beavis and Butthead, wrapped up in a California Roll.

"Teletubbies" meets "South Park" meets a mouthful of broiled eel? "The Sushi Seals" is an adult-oriented Japanimation TV show structured around a bunch of characters with raw-fish cuisine names. The episode descriptions sound so not-funny, they're kinda funny. "Ikura" means "salmon eggs," btw.

Episode 1 Mama Ikura is in a panic.
The family wants to leave for a picnic, but Mama has many things to do to be ready before she leaves. She double checks the window locks and powders her face. By the time she is finally ready to leave, the family has fallen fast asleep by the front door.

Episode 2 The Omlete Triplets play in the water.
The triplets are having fun playing with towels and a water hose in the garden. Mama Ikura hangs the wet towels to dry, but the triplets just soak them more until they fall again. Finally, the triplets spray their mother with water.

Episode 3 Struggle in the hot tub.
The triplets are playing in the hot tub when one triplet pulls the drain. The water drains out of the tub and drags one of the triplets into the drain!

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