Changing of the Guestblogger Guard: Howdy, Reverse Cowgirl!

BoingBoing welcomes a new voice to the guestbar today. But first: much gratitude and serious blog props to our outgoing guestbar correspondent, Clay Shirky, who dished up a terrific assortment of links and observations during his stay. Thanks, Clay!

Sashaying in to the guestblog spot–live and direct from L.A.–we're now joined by the esteemed pr0nnoisseur, writer, and sex culture critic Susannah Breslin, whose consistently killer "Reverse Cowgirl's Blog" has been the source of many a BoingBoing post recently.

Her work covers sexuality and technology, among other things. Her blog, in which she "attempts to justify the enormity of her porn collection" is presently being transformed into a TV pilot for A Big Network. Described by those who've peeked at early footage as "Insomniac with lipstick" or "David Letterman goes to a porn film set," the show's working title is Oh, Susannah!.
Here's a snip from her bio:

Her articles have appeared in Salon,
Harper's Bazaar, Details, Nerve, Detour, The San Francisco Examiner Magazine,
The LA Weekly, The Vancouver Sun, BUST, Mass Appeal,, and the UK's
Arena among other publications.

Her short stories have appeared in Nerve,
FC2's Chick Lit 2 postfeminist fiction anthology, Exquisite Corpse, 3AM Magazine,
Minima, Alt-X, and are forthcoming in Sudden Stories: A Mammoth Anthology of
Miniscule Fiction and In Posse. 

Her photography has been featured in Identity
 and Exhibit:A.

Her comixxx can be found in Fantagraphics'
Dirty Stories Volume 3 and the UK's Headpress.

She is a reporter on Playboy TV's "Sexcetera," and
has appeared on various television programs, such as "Politically
Incorrect," where a P.A. asked her during a commercial break
to please pull down her skirt; CNN, where she inquired regarding Blowgate,
"What girl wouldn't want to nail the President?"; Fox News, where she inadvertently
referred to "pasties" as "pastries"; and "The E! True Hollywood Story: Larry
Flynt," where she accidentally condoned urination-porn. 

Welcome, Susannah! And BoingBoing readers, hold on to your saddles. You're in for a wild ride.