LazyWeb ideas have a home

LazyWeb is a notion that comes -- as far as I know -- from the same smarty-pants Britons who gave us warchalking, i.e., Matt Jones, Matt Webb (thanks, Webb!), Ben Hammersley, et al. The idea of LazyWeb is that one has an interesting idea for a web-project (say, a tool that scrapes every blog listed on the updates page, finds Amazon wishlists links, and then produces a list of the top-ten-most-wanted blogger books) and you just, sorta, throw it out there, and wait to see if someone does it. Now, the LazyWeb has a site that stores and syndicates all the LazyWeb notions. Looking for something to do while you wait for the economy to bounce back? Have a browse on the LazyWeb and see what looks like fun.

On January 4, 2003 02:59 AM, Planet P has invoked the Lazyweb with the entry
"Space-Time Blog Stamping":

Creating a master, internet-wide meta-data index to search for blogs/data based on GPS location, date, time and keywords.



(via Blackbelt Jones)