Homemade Futurama transcripts

A Futurama fan has made suprisingly good homemade transcripts of the first two episodes from Season Five.

Outside on the Planet Express balcony

Zoidberg: Hurry up with the water! I'm steaming inside my own shell, I
am. It's that hot, it is!

Leela: Hyya! [tears open a bag of Instant Pool Water]

Fry [entering with Bender]: Man, it's hot. How hot is it? It's so hot,
I'd pour McDonald's coffee in lap to cool off! [giggles] Johnny Carson
said it.

[Nibbler starts drinking the pool water]

Leela: No! Nibbler! Don't drink the pool water! It's full of chlorine!

[Nibbler gets sick and burps a chlorine cloud, making everyone but
Bender faint]

Bender: Hahahaha! Lightweights! Oh wait, chlorine! [rusts and falls]



(via Robot Wisdom)