First-hand review of in-flight WiFi on Lufthansa Frankfurt-to-D.C. flight

Read Seattle Post-Intelligencer aerospace reporter James Wallace's review, filed yesterday while on the Lufthansa 747 that was the first commercial jetliner to use Boeing's "Connexion" WiFi service.

Link (via IP)

Update: Frank Boosman writes:

The report on this on NPR's Marketplace the other night was cool. The
reporter recorded his report as an MP3 and uploaded it during the
flight. The encoding at this link is low-grade, but on the radio, the
report sounded fine. According to the host, the report was a 4.7MB MP3
file that took 17 minutes to upload, which implies an upload speed of
37.8 kbit/s — not too bad considering how many journalists on the
inaugural flight must have been using that link simultaneously."