Cow eyeball found in juice bottle turns out to be mold

Last year, some guy said he found a severed penis in his juice. This year it's a cow eyeball. Both turned out to be plain old mold.

Ms. Nickel [of Tropicana], who examined a photograph of the object in the grapefruit juice, said, "It did look like an eyeball, but sometimes mold will take on some unusual shapes."

Mr. Hadzovic [who bought the bottle] remains deeply skeptical. "I'm not a rocket scientist," he said, "but I know an eyeball when I see one. I've literally skinned lamb for food."

At a reporter's urging, Mr. Hadzovic asked for his bottle back. On Feb. 1, he received it. By now, the object did not look like much of anything.

"It looked like a muffin wrapper with half a muffin it," he said disgustedly.

After a few days, his mother threw out the bottle.

"She got tired of seeing it in the refrigerator," he said.

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