California kleptocrats auctioning airport confiscata on eBay

Some California airports donate the nation's confiscated pocket-knives to thrift shops, but now the State of California is working with the Oakland and Sacramento airports to auction the confiscata on eBay.

So far, $16,281 has been made selling objects taken from passengers at Oakland and Sacramento airports — the only ones in Northern California to participate in the state program.

Among the oddest items confiscated and sold were at least three circular saws, hatchets, curtain rods and a little girl's baton, said Robb Deignan, spokesman for the surplus property disposal program, a division of the California Department of General Services.

Also sold: 5,364 pocketknives, 350 pounds of scissors, 594 corkscrews and 309 leatherman tools.

"Surplus property disposal program," man, that's gooooood bureaucratese.



(via Schism Matrix)