John Perry Barlow : "War in the Land of Peace"

The latest missive from "cognitive dissident" and EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow, written on the road from Brazil:

I know that we can turn Baghdad – a town with 2 and a half million
children – into telegenic Disney Hell with several thousand tons of
high explosives and injure only Bad Guys. (Indeed, watching CNN, one
might wonder if anyone gets injured at all in this marvelously
surgical new form of war.)

I know that we have a lot of really cool toys in our arsenal. I know
that A-10 Warthog can fire over a thousand rounds a minute. (Though
no one in the media has mentioned that each of these bullets consists
of depleted uranium that will be radiating birth defects into the
Iraqi gene pool for many generations.)

I know that the only truly powerful country on the planet is
continuing to manufacture the perilous, conscience-stunting myth that
technology can make war relatively safe. Indeed, we are so delusional
on this subject that we believe that bombing the shit out of the
Iraqis is a humanitarian act.
This is a continuation of the same national system of denial that we
began to construct during Gulf War I.

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