"Robotic Sports" book release bash in SF on April 12

Survival Research Labs. Robot Wars. BattleBots. Oh my. An evening of Boys, Bots, and Books by the Bay:

Gearheads: The Turbulent Rise of Robotic Sports by Brad Stone has just come out, and it is a heck of a read. Qbox and the Robotics Society of America are sponsoring the release party, which, in turn, should be one heck of an event. We have robots, mechanical monstrosities, ant-weight robot competitions and a host of other excitement and Superlative Reality-bending Legions. DJ Vordo presides over Flash-O-Matic Tending Bar with the aid of the 240cc Blender The author will be there to sign copies of his book…

Special Guests: Marc Thorpe (Robot Wars), Trey Roski & Greg Munson
(BattleBots), Mark Pauline (SRL), Kal Spelletich (Seemen), Mike Winter and
Will Wright (Stupid Fun Club, etc.), Reason Bradley & Alexander Rose
(Inertia Labs), Jim Smentowski (Team Nightmare), Carlo Bertocchini
(BioHazard), Stephen Felk (Voltronic), and many others! (Not all builders
are bringing their bots, and not all bots are bringing their builders).

Gearheads: The Release Party — Saturday, April 12th, 7pm -12 midnite at the Fort Mason Firehouse. Admission is $5, $15 with autographed copy of the book.

Event details, Buy the book online,