Feral robotic dogs stage toxic dump tech-art-protest actions

Howard Rheingold writes about a new proposal from technoartist, activist, and educator Natalie Jeremijenko:

What if owners of Superfund sitde politicked their way out of responsibility, then sold or leased their property without removing unhealthy amounts of toxic waste? What if you could modify an ordinary robotic dog by adding an inexpensive, of-the-shelf gas sensor — the kind used in residential and commercial/ industrial alarms for detecting toxicgases, breath alcohol checkers, automatic cooking controls for microwave ovens, air quality/ventilation control sytems for both homes and automobiles? What if you could release packs of these feral robotic dogs at former superfund sites whenever a school, housing development, market opens for business on or near the site? Welcome to feral robotics.

Read Natalie's project description here, visit her feral robotic dog blog here, Discuss