Journalism 3.1b2, Dan Gillmor's talk at ETCON

Here are my notes from Journalism 3.1b2, Dan Gillmor's talk at ETCON.

New choices for the subjects of journalism (the "covered")

* Judo journos -- WashPo's post-9-11 series included an interview with Rumsfeld,
followed by Defense Dept posting the full interview with Rumsfeld. The public
could decide. When both parties tape and transcribe, whose transcription is

* Ray Ozzie's blog. Mitch Kapor and Ray Ozzie both document their
companies/projects better than journalists do.

* New corporate policies: who inside can keep a blog and what can go on it?
Groove has a formal policy detailing this. Lawyers will try to stop you, esp in
public corps -- they'll be written by the same person who writes Barbie's blog