Decease: new 'zine about death seeking submissions

bOING bOING pal Meri Brin is starting a 'zine that I'm dying to read! (hahahaha… ba-dum-bump)

Decease, a general interest magazine about death, is looking for submissions. Decease explores different aspects of death from the practical, like exploring cremation options, to the esoteric, including cryonics and art exhibits. Decease wants to remove the stigma associated with and explore humans' natural curiosity about death.

Submissions can be artwork, images, poetry and prose (fiction and non-fiction). All artists are encouraged to submit work that may fall under the theme of Death. Work can be humorous, tongue in cheek, investigative, or personal. Some sample examples include:
-Interviews with morticians, embalmers, taxidermists
-Photo Essay of interesting headstones
-A review of a book, movie, art show, television show
-Essay about the interesting death of a person, famous or not
-Places to visit – like the Museum of Death in Hollywood, or the Bone Church near Prague
-Visuals good for everything – collages, photos, drawings, illustrations!

Interesting? Interested? Send it to me!
Comments, Ideas, Let me know!