Swarthmore and Diebold team up to undermine integrity of elections

Ernie sez, "Manufacturer of e-voting machines Diebold has been running an aggressive notice-and-takedown DMCA campaign to suppress postings of their internal company memos that show Diebold to have been well aware of security flaws in their e-voting machines. Swarthmore students have started an electronic civil disobedience campaign to keep the memos public by hosting them on a variety of student servers, moving the files around as each student's page is taken down. Unfortunately, Swarthmore has been very risk-adverse and is shutting down student sites that host the memos even before Diebold sends a notice-and-takedown letter. Even worse, Swarthmore is now shutting down student websites that link to the central protest website (which links to the current location of the memos)."


(Thanks, Ernie!)