Jaime Hernandez interviewed

Here's an interview at suicidegirls.com with Jaime Hernandez, co-creator of the 25-year-old(!!) comic book Love and Rockets.

DRE: In doing my research I found hundreds and maybe thousands of articles written about the comic, you and your brother. Do you ever wonder why it doesn't translate into sales?

JH: Well when you're thinking about money it can get frustrating. Ok so yeah people have written about us for years, why isn't anyone following? That's one thing I have never been able to figure out, how to make them buy it. That's for someone else to figure out.

DRE: What's Gary Groth [co-owner of Fantagraphics books] say about that?

JH: They're just banging their heads against the wall. They tell us we were in Time magazine but no one's coming from it. It is nice that people appreciate it though. It's enough for me to continue. I've seen so many people stop doing their comics because they couldn't make a living.