Bruce Sterling and "Tech Nouveau" design examples

On Bruce Sterling's Viridian email list this week, a round-up of 21st-century "Tech Nouveau": buildings and products that incorporate organic forms in a manner similar to Art Nouveau movement of the early 20th century. Some cool outtakes:

* "There is a new, witty nouveau afoot, from the Vallo watering can by Monika Mulder at Ikea, which looks like a stork," Link (halfway down the page)

* "to the coffee and tea set by Greg Lynn for Alessi, which opens like a clove of garlic." Link

* "Tord Boontje's chandeliers for Swarovski look like clouds
of slender branches surrounding a light." Link

* "In the United States, the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum looks like a giant bird about to take off." Link

* "William Sawaya, a designer based in Milan, created a
blossom-like plastic Calla chair for Heller, which was
inspired by a lily." Link

* "A new digital camera for Creative Labs by the California company Whipsaw Design takes its inspiration from the many-chambered spiral shell called the nautilus." Link