Female blogger's first-person sex column causes ruckus in China

NY Times piece on 25-year-old Chinese blogger Mu Zimei, whose sexually explicit first-person accounts have generated controversy — and celebrity — for the former magazine columnist. Snip:

What changed everything was her decision in April to start her own online blog at a new Chinese site for personal diaries. She said she thought it would be fun. While writing her magazine column, she had hopped from man to man, sometimes hopping to two men at once, sometimes hopping to married men. Her topics, though, remained more thematic than explicit.

But in her online diary, she began writing explicitly about these encounters, or those of her friends, and on July 26 described her brief and apparently unsatisfying liaison outside a restaurant with a famous guitarist in a Guangzhou rock band. The entry was posted at a popular online discussion board, spread among China's "netizens" like wildfire and was quickly picked up in the gossipy newspapers that feed China's growing celebrity culture. Eventually, she was featured in China's edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Link. Zimei isn't the first female writer in China to raise eyebrows over sexually explicit autobiographical work — check this link for background on Mian Mian. (thanks, Invisible Cowgirl)