Bruce Sterling hits his stride on his blog

Bruce Sterling's been running his new Wired blog for a couple months now, and this morning, though, he hit his stride with a classic cyberpunk-dense review-cum-rant of a Brazillian electro-pop CD. This is killer prose.

I am digging this thing. Even a white-guy-samba
chestnut like "So Nice (Summer Samba)"
springs into a weird post-60s afterlife once it's
been globally cyberized with a samplerdelic
melange of hisses, whoops, whooshes, bleeps,
thuds and twitters. The spacey remixes of
"Tanto Tempo" sounds like they're scratching
at the edge of the universe with thick rubber

I pay attention to electronica for obvious reasons,
and I can always get along with easy-going,
caiparinha-blurred Brazilian beach music…
I mean, who couldn't like such stuff, it's so
harmlessly sexual and ingratiating… but techno
gives bossa nova some serious nova-osity.
The fact that these are actual songs, with
verse-verse chorus and that ruthlessly slinky
beat, gives all that synth dithering some useful
spine. Hey, it's "Brazilectronica!" This stuff
could conquer the world!