Reforming a garbage house

This is an inspiring story about an obsessive "hoarder" whose home had become a garbage house, so full of crap that he was in danger of going to jail for criminal violations of local ordinances. Then the county counsel cut a deal with the president of the local chapter of the National Assn. of Professional Organizers to help the craphound clean up his life — and he allowed a news-crew to document the process.

Drum, wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat tied under his chin, will supervise from a chair near the garage. Breininger is jazzed. Drum has kept his promise not to bring anything back into the two rooms the crew cleared out a week ago.

Drum is nervous. He frets about the broken windows and rotting flooring, things that must be fixed to put him back on the right side of the law. And he wants shelves so he can have his books, now boxed, around him.

"First, we get you organized, then we'll figure out how to take care of the repairs and the beautification," Breininger reminds him.


(via Making Light)