Nerve-y X-mas: human cupcakes and pornstar yule orgies

Two seasonal goodies on for your clicking pleasure. First, a photo gallery with holiday-themed contributions from some of the online zine's regular contributors — including a terrific X-rated cupcake shot from Siege (cropped thumbnail at left), whose work has been blogged here on BoingBoing before. The gallery is thankfully devoid of naughty Santas because, according to photo editor Whitney, the "treacly tradition… fall[s] into the same category as spiced rum and Kenny G's holiday album." Link (sorry, but paid registration or someone else's password required).

Next up, the latest experiment in Nerve regular Grant Stoddard's "I Did It for Science" series: "To attend a porn star's Christmas party." The party was an orgy in LA (yes, an actual orgy), hosted by a highly Googleable adult entertainment biz couple whose female half is seen as often in pixels as she is on DVD and video. My dear BoingBoing readers, let it be known that I refuse to be outdone in the realm of party invites. I, too, received an Evite to this very same Christmas clusterfuck. I did not attend, but I can tell you (swear on a stack of mid '90s Wired Magazines) that said invitation included a very thorough FAQ with the line, "Q: Can I bang [female co-host's name]? — A: Sure!" Link.