Holy crap: South Park's "Casa Bonita" is for reals

Intrepid fact-checker and friend of BoingBoing Mara Schwartz says,

"I was doing some research on Comedy Central programming for work, and found this. There was a recent South Park episode where the kids go for Kyle's birthday to a huge, amped-up Mexican restaurant in Denver called Casa Bonita, that features cliff divers, caves, waterfalls, etc. Turns out it's a real restaurant. Here's a link to their site."

UPDATE: Holy crap, indeed! Many BoingBoing readers wrote in to share experiences of the real-life Casa Bonita, and of other similiarly over-the-top Mexican/Central American/Pseudo-Mayan theme restaurant/amusement park combos located in the American midwest. Who knew? Reader Emily Smith says, "I've eaten [at Casa Bonita]. I don't recommend it for the food (sub-standard Mexican with a high chance that you'll be puking in the fountain outside later) and the food tastes a bit funny with the amount of chlorine from the diving pool floating around in the air. But, if you get the chance, do go sometime. The wait to get in is 1 hour at least and the wait to get out can be half an hour, but the chance to go through their haunted cave and get lost on the way to the bathroom is priceless."