Lurid Toy Stories

Deranged X-rated toy fanfic. Wayward Barbies doing bestiality threeways, bookshelf quickies, BDSM, homoerotic roleplaying, and other activities so hot they melt plastic: "silver plastic molded Terminator Arnie and big-armed Last Action Hero Arnie get to know each other. Terminator is just two molded pieces of thin silver plastic, but Last Action Hero is a high quality articulated doll, with holes through his clenched hands which once clearly locked into something; a car, perhaps, or one of his enormous weapons." Link (Thanks, Steffen!)

UPDATE: Owie! This humble Geocities site was BoingBoinged and Fleshbotted in one day, and is now inanimate. BoingBoing reader Pete says of the site's creator, "There's occasionally more toy fun in her weekly comic strip, and her home page is here."

UPDATE #2: Jeremy Dennis writes to let BoingBoing readers know that even though her Geocities "Lurid Toy Stories" site is dead, "You can now find them here!"