Sophie Crumb profiled in NYT

NYT story about Robert Crumb's daughter Sophie, who has a new comic book out called Belly Button Comix.

Ms. Crumb at work is reminiscent of several scenes in "Crumb," Terry Zwigoff's 1994 documentary about her father. The resemblance is only heightened by her surroundings, the remnants of the hippie subculture from which Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat and the rest of her father's most famous characters sprang. She's currently living in a communal household — "It's so stuck in the 70's it's really painful," she said — and she and her housemates often raid local dumpsters for food. Her sketchbook, whose pages are imprinted with kitschy cat motifs, was also found in the garbage. "I'm trying to not spend money so I don't have to get a job," she said.