FBI shuts down entire ISP to investigate one customer

Eli the Bearded sez: "The FBI completely shut down an ISP by confiscating all its servers for about a week. Gotta love that sensitivity to keeping a business viable."

According to the warrant, it appears that the Bureau is investigating whether someone hosted on our network hacked and attacked someone else.

After several hours of attempting to track down, inspect and audit the terabytes of data that we host, the FBI determined that it was more efficient (from their point of view) to remove all of our servers and transport them to the FBI local laboratories for inspection. This was completed at 7:00 pm EST same day.

The FBI has assured us that as soon as the data has been safely copied and inspected, the equipment will be promptly returned. Unfortunately, the FBI has not been able to tell us when they will be completed with their inspection.


Chris Siebenmann sez: " This may not be what it seems. At least some people in the newsgroup
news.admin.net-abuse.email believe strongly that Foonet/cithosting.com
are either spammers or active, knowing supporters of spammers. The
FBI raid was reported in NANAE, in a thread starting at message-ID
Xns949086FF99721bruns2mbitcom@, and it has been suggested
(strongly) that it may not have anything to do with the reason that
cithosting.com is claiming for it.

"Both SPEWS and Spamhaus have listings for some or all of Foonet.
The SPEWS listing is http://www.spews.org/html/S2591.html and the
Spamhaus listings can be accessed through their SBL-search-by-ISP
web page (under 'foonet.net', not 'cithosting.com')."