Creem magazine archives: William S. Burroughs interview

Boy HowdyCreem was the best Rock 'n' Roll magazine ever. It was one of the few mainstream magazines to embrace Punk in the 70s and 80s. Its website is really nice, with lots of old articles and a complete cover gallery. Here are a couple of interviews with William S. Burroughs.

MORGAN: For many contemporary rock critics and musicians, William Burroughs is rock 'n' roll. Do you feel the same affinity for rock 'n' roll that rock 'n' roll obviously feels for you? BURROUGHS: Well, yeah. (laughs) I have given them a lot of titles: The Heavy Metal Kids, The Insect Trust, The Soft Machine. There are a couple of others. I enjoy rock 'n' roll. It certainly is a unique and incredible phenomenon. Remember that 40 or 50 years ago, musicians didn't make any money. They played to very small audiences in night clubs and road houses. Also, they had no protection on their records. I'm always asking rock 'n' roll people if they know who Petrillo is, and none of them do. Well, they wouldn't have a dime if it weren't for Petrillo because he organized the Musicians' Union way back at the end of the '30s. And that is why they make money on their records. There wouldn't be any white Rolls Royces or anything like that.