That's not a mouth-shaped urinal, it's a *travesty*

Some people do not care for the big-fat-red-kiss-mouth-shaped pissoires recently installed in Virgin Atlantic's JFK clubhouse. Here is the National Organization of Women press release: Outrageous Interruptus / Sexist Urinals. I'm a pro-fempower woman, and I'm all for calling misogyny when we see it — but I think NOW needs to unclench its collective sphincter.

UPDATE: BoingBoing reader Jonathan Guberman says, "My cousin sent me an article about the outrageous Virgin mouth-shaped urinals, and a link to complain to Virgin about it. Virgin has responded with the following, a very prompt and polite response. Good for them!"

(Begin forwarded message:) We are, of course very sorry to hear of your concerns with the design of the urinals that were to be fitted in our clubhouse at JFK airport. We can
assure you that no offense was ever intended.
The urinals were intended to be one of the more fun and quirky features of the new JFK Clubhouse, a project overseen by Virgin's in-house design team led by two female designers. The urinals themselves were the idea of a female designer, and we were surprised by the public reaction.

However, Virgin Atlantic always aims to listen to our passengers and the general public, and as a result of the feedback we have received we will not install the urinals in the bathroom at our new JFK clubhouse.

We trust our swift action will help restore your confidence in our company and thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your direct approach.

Yours sincerely,
John Riordan

Vice President, Customer Services

(end forwarded message) Link to article on NOW's hissy fit, Previous BB post (Thanks, Eric)