Newsmap: visualizing the media tree through Google News

BoingBoing reader paul says:

newsmap is an application that visualizes the totality of the GoogleNews aggregator — an amazing piece of software which not only aggregates almost every single online newspaper, but combines news stories into clusters so that when the same story is repeated among several news sites, it files and displays only one to you – no mater how different the actual text that makes the article is.

Google news aggregates stories in several languages and customizes its content for 10 particular countries. I've loved googlenews for this particular reason since the first day, and it was then when I started thinking about visualizing the totality of it, since it could be a very close approach to getting a picture on how news media attention differs from country to country.

Newsmap utilizes a treemap algorithm to dynamically create each view, and the size of each cell is determined by the amount of related articles that exist inside each news cluster.

Link, created by the same fellow behind Social Circles.