Wacked MP3: Murray Saul "It's Friday!"

BoingBoing reader Keith points us to an entry on a very cool underground MP3 blog, which I won't name here because I don't want to kill them with a traffic flood.

[They posted a link to an MP3 of] the lunatic radio ravings of a guy named Murray Saul, who is just SO GODDAMNED HAPPY that it's Friday! I dare you to listen to him scream about the "CHOCOLATE COVERED WEEKEND!" and not immediately feel happier to just be alive.

You can learn more about Murray Saul, an eccentric Ohio salesman and radio announcer, here. Our friend Leonard Lin has kindly offered to host the file on a BoingBoingable server, so have at it. It's pretty goddamned funny. I think some of it might be obliquely pornographic. It's just off the hook. Link.