Vintage anti-porn propaganda — Commie Terrorist Smutmongers!

Following up on what's becoming a series (here's part one, here's part two) of anti-porn propaganda posts, BoingBoing reader backlon says, "The excellent (and boy do I mean *excellent*) Prelinger Archives has a couple of films that link 'pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the decline of Western civilization.'"

The short film backlon points to was sponsored by Charles H. Keating, Jr. (the same banker implicated in the savings-and-loan scandals) as part of his decades-long crusade against porn, and reminds us that "Pornography and 'fun' lead to illegitimate children and hefty financial burden on taxpayers." Almost as much of a burden as S&L bailouts! "Perversion for Profit" also exposes the secret ties between adult entertainment and "homosexuality, lesbianism, violent crime, the Communist conspiracy and Satan." Actually, I think there's at least one fetish website that combines all of those — but that's another post.

While you're watching, check out the bodacious mid-century furniture on those babes. Is that an original Eames lounge chair she's vamping on? I think I need a cold shower.