Beauty and the Breast

Manuel Schmettau says:

"An artwork (video) by my friend Amy Jenkins, featuring her daughter breastfeeding and falling asleep, has been called "distasteful" and removed from an exhibition at Salvatore Ferragamo's 5th Avenue store. (Ferragamo originally invited Amy to create the piece for their store's art gallery on the second floor.)

When asked to "create an artwork using inspiration from objects in their store," Amy was promised complete artistic freedom. Hesitant at first, she explored the store and fell in love with a little pair of red shoes, which turned out to be called the "Audrey" shoes (they were originally designed for Audrey Hepburn.) As her daughter is also named Audrey, she felt it was fate to accept the invitation. It was not a commercial commission, and she financed the production of the video herself.

Amy would love to show this piece elsewhere, unfortunately it was made specially for their 42" widescreen monitor (a costly item that she doesn't own!) Her hope is that "The Audrey Samsara" will soon be shown at a more open-minded venue."

The New York Daily News ran an item about the controversy. Link