Art scene and heard

Located in an historical Queens elementary school building, P.S.1. Contemporary Art Center has been a hub of avant-garde art and culture for nearly three decades. Now, P.S.1. also has an Internet radio station. As you might expect, WPS1 features an eclectic mix of programming. No Clear Channel station is going to give you the voice of Marcel Duchamp, the techno of Todd Sines, and a discussion with Taipei City mayor Ma Yingjiu about public art. From this week's schedule:

11:30 am
The Bio-Blurb Show, Edition #3: Bio-Art or Bio-Terror? – In this most provocative program, host Suzanne Anker speaks with former Whitney Museum director David Ross, art journalist Stephen Henry Madoff, and filmmaker Virgil Wong about the federal government's Patriot-Act case against the activist artist Steve Kurtz and the Critical Art Ensemble and the criminalization of the American artist in general. Must-hear listening!

12:00 noon
Love Crazy, Edition #4 – Whazzup workaholics! For this session of her music series for WPS1, chanteuse Nora York zeroes in on how much we love our labors, especially when they're lost to song.

1:00 pm
Curbside Cassette, Edition #3 – Okay, work's covered. How about school? Recent high-school grads Joe Ahearn and Max Kagan celebrate their diplomas with a science-and-math music mix. Indeed, where would we be without "Calculus Man"? Without the Beastie Boys, for one thing, joined here by Mos Def, Sun Ra, Elvis Costello, the Pixies, White Stripes and more.