How to Bittorrent Fahrenheit 9/11

Aliased BoingBoing reader "humboldt 11" provides instructions for obtaining a digital copy of Michael Moore's latest film:

1. download BIT TORRENT 3.4.2.exe (Link) and install
2. download Fahrenheit.911.CAM-POT(1).torrent (Link) on your desktop
3. open it with BitTorrent
4. start download
5. download "wrar330d.exe" (Link) open it
6. unpack the file "pot.911a.rar" in the CD1 file (as well as the "pot.911b.rar" in the CD2 file – this is why there are 36 parts on each desk. In order to assemble it, opening the file will automatically identify all the segments and put them together) this will create a "pot.911a" (and a "pot.911b") file
7. download "vlc-0.7.2-win32.exe" (Link) install
8. open "CD1.cue" from the "pot.911a" file


Update: BB reader antrix says: "You provided a link to a Fahrenheit 9/11 torrent with split rar files – and a bin/cue which needs vlc. That's too much work when there's a torrent available with convenient mpeg's playable in any player. No rars, nothing. Link." Alternately, you could try this BT client, says reader G1ZM0.

And reader Jaap Vermeulen adds, "Daemon Tools is a utility for windows that will allow you to mount CD / DVD images from windows. This way you can open the .CUE files from the Fahrenheit 911 images with Daemon Tools, which will then mount a new drive. Then these can be played with Windows Media Player, or Media Player Classic. I think many people would rather use the media player of their own choice. I haven't used VLC, but I can say that especially for Camcorder recorded movies Windows Media Player is good because the graphic equalizer allows you to remove a lot of the noise in the sound recording."