Space Mountain 1977 eBay auction

I blog this incredible bit of 1977 Space Mountain paper ephemera on eBay only because I am dead certain that there's no way I would be able to remain in the bidding that is sure to follow.

The thrill of Space Mountain – I had the pleasure of enjoying the festivities of the inaugural flight, "it was great" now I have the opportunity of sharing part of the enjoyment with others by offering these items for sale. ·The Disneyland Line publication – SPECIAL Space Mountain Edition, features all kinds of articles on the concepts and efforts of the show and ride, costume design and facts and figures of the building / ride. ·The Space Mountain WED/Mapo Inaugural Flight invitation for June 2, 1977. ·Disneyland Cast Premiere Inaugural Flight Crew Pin/Button, May 1977 ·The portfolio for the publication and invitation. All of the items are in excellent condition.