Censored WiFi at hotel in San Francisco

Metafilter Matt is staying at a free WiFi hotel in San Francisco, and he just tried to visit MeFi to post some messages, only to be confronted with a censorware message from the hotel's ISP, primly telling him off for visiting a dodgy "chat site," something that, apparently, the hotel doesn't want its guests doing. Jesus Screaming Christ, what jackass at the hotel decided that filtering its guests' Internet access was a good idea? I wish Matt had published the hotel's name so that the rest of us could avoid the hell out of it.

FWIW, the Hotel Tropicana on Valencia (around the corner from my old apartment) has free and completely open WiFi (SSID: linksys) was just remodeled, and is pretty cheap, and very central.


An anonymous reader writes, "I work at a San Francisco hotel, The Sir Francis Drake, and that censorware message is exactly what I started seeing this week when I tried to access Metafilter and Linkfilter from the work computer (on my lunch break, honest!) … If the hotel in question isn't the Drake, then it's probably another Kimpton Hotels property.