Insane sales pitch for the "Rockwell Electric retro-incabulator"

Matt Maier sez: I thought the Boing Boing readers might get a kick out of this. It's two solid minutes of some of the most impenetrable, acrononym-laden sales-speak ever put to tape. The product in question is a Rockwell Electric retro-incabulator….whatever the hell that is. (I have no doubt that one of your readers will know what it is, or what it does…but I certainly don't.) Check it out. Link

UPDATE: Paul Murray sez: I believe the "Rockwell Electric retro-incabulator" is an homage to/updating
of an older industrial video put-on, which in turn dates back to a humor
piece written in the 1940s. Here's what I know.

When I was in college (early 1980s), I was shown a short video clip where a
narrator described the features and benefits of a "turbo encabulator," which
presumably was the massive piece of industrial equipment in the photo next
to him. My jaw dropped at the absurdly complex, dense explanation he
provided for this mysterious piece of equipment, which left me utterly lost.

As I eventually learned, it was actually a brilliant spoof of the copy
written for industrial film-making. I don't know whose idea the clip was,
but I know the narrator of that version was named "Bud" Haggart, who
pioneered the use of "the ear" that enables talent to work without a
TelePrompTer. I've actually worked with him a few times.

I personally know of at least one other homage/remake of the legendary
turbo-encabulator gag, and I believe that this is yet another. Even the name
seems to suggest it.

However, even that is not the true origin! A little Googling turns up this
piece [] written in 1944! Sure
enough, the video version I remember started off the same way this piece