Gamespace protestors disappeared by Star Wars Galaxies cops

After a bug allowed some players to coin counterfeit currency in Star Wars Galaxies, which they spread around through gifts and tips, the SWG management responded by banning everyone with fake money — including players who had received such in good faith. The banned players' friends gathered in protest and were told to leave or face server-shutdown. The protestors stood their ground and found themselves randomly teleported across gamespace — and one player kept a running account going of the official response:

This is Allehe reporting live from a staged protest outside Theed Starport. Just a few moments ago protesting cartoons went suddenly missing — warped outside our great galaxy. Where have they landed? This we do not know. What we do know is people are angry…and showing their support in banning CREDIT Dupers…also known as cheaters. It appears the Great SOE GODS are favoring the cheaters over the fair and honest gameplayers. I will remain here until there is no news…

This is Allehe
Reporting live from Theed Spaceport, Naboo, Intrepid.

Back to you Dan.

Link, Star Wars Galaxies management response, Penny Arcade editorial cartoon

(via Lawmeme), (Thanks, Allen!)