A day in the blog of an erotic photographer. And, China Nympho Cream.

nympho cream

Nerve.com recently launched "The Daily Siege" -- a blog-oid daily feature from fashion and erotic shooter Clayton James Cubitt, aka Siege, who's been the subject of numerous BoingBoing posts in the past. Some of the UI and access decisions the Nerve.com guys made, I'm not nuts about. But the content here -- both the images and the first-person narrative -- includes some real gems. For instance, this stream-of-consciousness post in which Siege explains how he went through a series of editing decisions that took a shot from its original raw state to an edited, reimagined, and dramatically richer state for publication. Very few personal blogs dig inside the creative process of working artists with this level of intimacy. Cool stuff. As Siege says here, it's like math class -- where you show your "dirty work" to your classmates, and share all of the details, both flattering and otherwise. Right, and then, well, there's the "China Nympho Cream" post. Quick snapshots (1, 2, 3) of an erotic-enhancement ointment of dubious origin, tucked inside ultra-bizarro packaging. Link to Siege's blog. Temporary access for this paid-subscription-required site is username: cheapass, password: cheapass. (NSFW)