Accidental real estate porn


Look closely at the third photo from the bottom on this realtor's website promoting a home for sale. Either the snapshot-taker failed to notice two dogs humping sur l'herbe, or this is an example of highly sophisticated subliminal advertising strategies in the real estate industry. BoingBoing reader and punster Mike Ransom calls this a "Real estate fo' paw."

Link (Thanks, Manero)

Update: Ah, what a pity. Someone at the realty website got wind of the fact that this was blogged on BoingBoing, Fark, MeFi, and everywhere else today — and deleted the image. Good thing BB reader Andreas spotted the url to the jpeg itself (Link), and another copy is here (Link). Heh. Actually… stick this jpeg in a fancy frame, tack it to a wall at MoMA, call it a postmodern statement on the commoditization of the pornographized American id, and nobody'd know the difference.

Update 2: Reader Paul Camp alerts us to the fact that the realty website has now replaced the XXX photo in the original link with a Photoshop hack job that makes clumsy, guffaw-inducing use of the "blur" tool: Direct link to their revised image.