Art event in Philadelphia

M.Napier-Lord Of The Flies2
HYPER-RUNT is an exhibition of works by an excellent group of experimental tech artists, including Ken Goldberg and Shawn Brixey, and Mark Napier (left). The show is co-curated by my old friend Ebon Fisher, an influential digital artist himself who staged pioneering "Media Rituals" in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during the cyberdelic early 1990s. From the HYPER-RUNT curators' statement:

"HYPER-RUNTs raise uneasy questions pertaining to the nature of art in the realm of artificial life forms, media viruses, robot psychology, and inter-species cultures. They flirt with the possibility of a "post-human" future in which the paradigm of art and civilization gives way to a hyper-biology of emergent processes. A HYPER-RUNT might be seen as an ornery cultural lifeform, an élan vital, unexpectedly rearing its head in the turmoil brewing between artist, audience, technology, and ecosystem."

The exhibit runs from October 8 to 14 at the National Products Building with an opening reception this Friday. Link