Kevin Sites Iraq Blog: Layla

From Iraq, NBC combat correspondent Kevin Sites writes on his blog:

Friends Michael and Cynthia Perry from Los Angeles gave me this Hawaiian dashboard diva (pictured here on my Baghdad balcony) as an early birthday present when they learned I'd be returning to Iraq for a long tour of duty. I've dubbed the bobbling-hipped, ceramic babe Layla Ukulele–and promised them I'd take a picture of her swaying on the dashboard of a humvee in Iraq.

It also got me thinking, that like the globetrotting Gallic gnomes in the French film "Amelie," Layla would probably like to tour as much possible. After all, being an inanimate object, what's she got to lose? I guess we'll see after she's traveled with me for the next four months, meeting new friends and maybe… even some not-so-friendlies.

Drop me a line and let me know where in Iraq or with whom–you'd like to see Layla swivel for next. As usual, I promise nothing–but perhaps Layla could visit one of your deployed loved ones here in the birthplace of civilization.

Link, and post your Layla snapshot requests here: Link