Xeni on NPR: Dub Reggae Ice-Cream Truck

On today's edition of the NPR program "Day to Day," I ride with Aurelito and Shakespeare, two Los Angeles-based DJs who have converted a '69 Dodge ice-cream truck into a mobile reggae sound system. They drive the truck all over they city — to the beachfront, to the financial district, everywhere — spreading sweet sonic scoops of double-dip dub for all to hear.

Link to archived radio program. This NPR.org website feature includes three streamable songs from the duo, as well as some photos I took while we were cruising around in the ice cream truck.

Here is a more complete gallery of the images I shot during that most unusual of LA street adventures: Link.

Shown here: Shakespeare looks out the back of the multi-colored dub reggae bus (Link to full-size).