Jabberwocky in machine-transcription – UPDATED

Here's what happens if you recite Jabberwocky into IBM's ViaVoice dictation software.

'Was Berlin, and the slight the copes
Did jar in jumble in the Wade;
All Lindsay were the borrow groves,
And the mowed grass out grade.

"Be where the Jasper walk, my son!
The jaws that bike the clause that catch!
Be where the jejune bird, and shined
The from yes dander snatch!"


(Thanks, Doug!)

Update: Simon sez, "the ViaVoice
production of Jabberwocky was created using version1.0.3 of the software
and IBM are currently at version 10. Probably wouldn't do as badly/well if
the current version were used."

Update #2: Cody sez, "I posted this blog entry a while back, featuring not one, not two, but three different versions of Jabberwocky as interpreted by voice recognition software. And then there was the version interpreted by handwriting recognition software