Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Following up on this previous post, reader Ori Neidich says your slack-assed faithful BoingBoing editors "should point out to readers that gun fetishism isn't limited to just Christian Evangelicals." Uhh, puh-lease. As if we didn't know all about gun fetishism already. Anyway, he continues:

"I was reading your post about a Christian Guide to Small Arms [Ed. note: not that kind of small arms] and it reminded me of a site that my friends and I would visit for a hearty guffaw now and then. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

What made it particularly hilarious were the regular columnists such as "Ask the Rabbi" where readers could submit various questions on firearms and religious law answered in one convenient place. Unfortunately, the site has recently become much more propagandistic and has less of the community feeling it did before Bush took office (I guess they are feeling defensive). But if you search through the articles you can still find some of the oldies-but-goodies including reviews of weapons they've taken out to test at the range and PDFs of targets that they make available as free downloads. Like this one (Ed. Note: Godwin's law alert).

Also, they have a coloring book for children that is absolutely hilarous — Link (PDF). It features
Brasco(TM) The Liberty Bear… 'great for introducing children to guns, freedom, and responsibility."

Link. And yes, dear reader, that image would be none other than Brasco the Jewish, gun-toting bear. In closing, I would like to point out that he is not wearing any pants. Thank you.