Kooky words the Oxford English Dictionary might add

The latest edition of the OED newsletter is online, and includes an "Appeals" section:

The Words or phrases which appear on the Appeals List are those currently being drafted or revised for the OED for which the documentary evidence is incomplete. Often these are slang or colloquial items which cannot be researched in specialist texts and are most likely to be found by a general reader in non-specialized or popular literature.
(…) Please note: it is generally safe to assume that examples found by searching the Web, using search engines such as Google, will have already been considered by OED editors.

Words on this list include:

hoodie (n.: a hooded jacket, sweatshirt, or other garment) antedate 1990

posedown (n.: the final stage in a bodybuilding competition) antedate 1978

scrunchie (n.) antedate 1989

tikka masala (n.) antedate 1975

Link (via Elegant Variation, thanks Susannah)