Retro game store in Osaka

Todd Lappin points us to this wonderful story about a retro game store in Osaka, Japan.

 Tk Images Osaka Cimg2496Japan's hidden secret is that when it comes to retro games, Akihabara is not the epicenter of goodness. The true heart of the retro gaming revival in Japan is actually in Osaka's Den Den Town.

Located approximately 10 minutes walk from Namba Station in Osaka's Minami district, Nipponbashi (aka Den Den Town) is home to the Original Super Potato store, as well as its hipper cousin, Retro TV Game Revival. These two stores, located a scant 150 feet apart, represent the absolute pinnacle of Japanese retro game collector shops. It is not uncommon to see extremely rare gaming systems sitting next to a $2000 Gold Cart Shonen Jump Limited Edition Dragon Ball Z 2 and across from 1980s video game soundtracks on vinyl.